Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oregon Vacation


I am busy, busy, busy this week. Spring break is right around the corner for me and I have far too many things to do before that happens. I apologize for not being able to post many or any book-related things in the coming days.

However, I have been thinking recently about a trip I went on about a year ago. A book I am reading, Where Trust Lies, reminded me of a week-long vacation I took last year to the Oregon Coast. So many beautiful places and memories. It was a relaxing, laid-back trip. I thought I would include a few photos for the fun of it. I included few or no photos of the group I traveled with for the sake of their privacy, but there are many other beautiful things to see. I hope you will enjoy the photos and the change from my regular posts.

Twin Rocks Friends Camp

The first place we visited was Twin Rocks Friends Camp, named for the two rocks jutting from the beach across the street from the camp. Our group of 16 or so stayed a few days there before moving on to other locations and activities.

The beach temperature was cool and breezy in late May. We had a bonfire of driftwood going nearly the entire time we spent on the beach. It was just warm enough not to freeze our bare feet but still too cold to go without a sweatshirt for the most part.

One of our group bought a kite we took turns flying around the beach. I have never lived in a place that was breezy enough to fly a kite, so I enjoyed the opportunity.

I found this bright moth or butterfly. In such a neutral-colored world, it provided a striking contrast. I have never seen one like it before.

The view though piles of driftwood.

Oregon Zoo

One of the next places we went was the Oregon Zoo. We saw all kinds of animals as well as some beautiful flowers. The parts of Oregon we visited made up such a wet, rain-foresty land. Ivy was twining up many of the trees in Portland.

Some cheetahs made their beds on the other side of a window, providing us with an awesome, close-up of the beautiful creatures.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

We visited the Tillamook cheese factory on our way to Portland from the coast. The process of making all the cheeses was very interesting. But I must say, the part I loved most was the ice cream at the end!

Portland Aquarium

We visited a small but fascinating aquarium in Portland. 

Multnomah Falls

And finally, we went to Multnomah Falls on our way home. Such a beautiful falls. I could not capture all of it in one photo.

On our trip, we traveled to many more places and did many more things. We went to Powell's Book Store to my and several of my friends' delight. Four stories of books! 

The had its ups and downs for me, but remembering it, I think mostly of the good things. Hopefully, I will be able to visit at least the beautiful coast another time. 

Where have you gone on vacation? Are you planning anything for Spring Break or the not so distant summer?

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