Friday, June 7, 2013


I'm Emily Anne.
Yes, that's it Emily Anne--both names.
Two of my absolute favorite things to do are to read and to invent my own stories. I spend hours upon hours reading the creations of hundreds of authors, and they often inspire me to live as the characters in the books do and also to write my own novels so that others may one day be inspired by my works. Now, however, as I am far from the day I have my own stories published, I would like to tell you of many of the books I read.
You see, I also love to tell stories, whether my own or someone else's, to others. It is my favorite topic, one of the things I am passionate about, and now I wish to spread that on to you, my readers.
Also, I am a Christian, which means that, for one, I wish to keep my mind pure, especially in the things I read. Every time I open a book, I am allowing myself to be influenced by the author's thoughts and beliefs, whether good or bad, and I often don't know whether what I am reading will be upright or downright evil.
This is why I am reviewing books--I want my readers to know what the content of the books they pick up will be, and not just have to find out as they go. Even so, I intent to watch what I read and only read those things that are edifying. I want this blog to be a place where people, young ladies especially, can find some of the many, many upright and edifying books.