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Mark of Distinction

Mark of Distinction
Jessica Dotta


London is said to be the glittering jewel of society, a world unto itself—but to Julia Elliston it is a city of shadows. Her life is swiftly dissolving into scandal. And in Victorian society, even a whisper of scandal—substantiated or not—can be the death of a young woman’s reputation.

Now under the watchful eye of Lord Roy Pierson, one of most influential men in England, Julia begrudgingly accepts his protection. But Chance Macy’s power is far-reaching as well, and he is eager to assert his claim over her.

Thrust into society as the Emerald Heiress, Julia is the toast of London, a celebrated curiosity. But in reality she’s trapped between the clutches of two powerful men. Aided only by a gentleman whose intentions she prays she can trust, Julia must finally take control of her own fate—but outwitting one’s foe rarely goes according to plan.

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My Review

Mark of Distinction, by Jessica Dotta, is the continuation of the story of Julia…whatever her last name is (she has several). Julia struggles with her identity as she is thrust into the world of the gentry as the esteemed Lord Pierson’s daughter and Mr. Isaac Dalry’s intended. How can she embrace this world when her heart is back home with Edward and Elizabeth and with Mr. Macy threatening her at every turn?

I enjoyed this book very much, but not as much as I enjoyed the first book Born of Persuasion. This is due in part because Julia spends much of her time moping or locked in her father’s house. I had also wished Mr. Macy was good—he could have made and amazing husband to Julia if he was who he originally said—but he is proved more and more evil as time goes by.

In any case, the book was a little disappointing in that it did not surprise me at every turn as did the first book. The sending was a surprise, a very good one, in fact, but the surprise was utterly improbably considering the circumstances.
On the good side, Julia is becoming less and less the naïve girl she began the first book as. She is growing and maturing as the story progresses.

Also, the story is yet rich with unique personalities. Each character is a study in human behavior. The book shows the result of bitterness through one character as well as a son and daughter choosing to be different than their parents, specifically their parents’ mistakes and weaknesses. 
In all, Mark of Distinction has its ups and downs but still points to an epic conclusion in the third and final novel. I can hardly wait!

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