Monday, June 30, 2014

Born of Persuasion

Born of Persuasion
Jessica Dotta

My Review

Born of Persuasion, by Jessica Dotta, is the story of a young woman who lost everything. Julia puts all her hopes for the future on Edward, who secretly proposed to her many years before. Yet when her hopes are dashed early on, she hires Lady Foxmore, a woman with dreadful rumors surrounding her name, to find her a rich, titled husband. Who will Lady Foxmore find? Will Edward yet come through for her?

Born of Persuasion is reminiscent of Pride Prejudice, with its time period, myriad of personalities, and society. Yet, this book is certainly an original.
I absolutely loved Born of Persuasion! There were so many plot twists, I could never predict the entirety of what would happen next. The sweet little story I thought it was at the beginning turned into a plot of intrigue and chicanery, but I loved it. 

Born of Persuasion comes from a Christian publishing company and has many Christian themes in it, but it is told from the point of view of an atheist who was shunned by her town and vicar because of her beliefs. I appreciated the new perspective it gave, especially since it came from a Christian author.
One thing that irritated me a little is that the main character, Julia, is a bit naïve and foolish. She made many poor decisions, putting her in compromising situations resulting in scandalous rumors and bad reputations even if she had done nothing wrong within the situations. Hopefully, though, Julia will become wiser in the following novels.

Overall, though, it was a masterfully written book and I can’t wait to begin the second.

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