Friday, December 6, 2013


So, on Black Friday, I went shopping--mostly for books since I'm a major book-a-holic. I had a pretty specific list of books I wanted to buy. But when I picked up Doon, just out of curiosity, and read the back cover, I was hooked! It was the only book I bought that day that I hadn't even heard of before.

Isn't the cover just gorgeous! It has fairytale written all over it! And I LOVE fairytales!

Anyway, here is what the back cover says:

Vee's soft whisper tickled against my ear. "Are we were I think we are?"

What moments ago seemed like a fairy tale now seemed impossibly and unsettlingly real. Yet it couldn't be true. My entire body began to tremble. Keeping my eyes fixed on the castle in the distance, I whispered back, "I seriously hope not."

Don't you see why I was hooked? It sounds like they go to another world!

Anyway, I just finished reading it, and, oh, it is good! I loved the romance (as completely unrealistic as it is)! There were some parts where I wished there was more action, but overall, it did not disappoint me.

And the end? It was amazing--and very frustrating! It was one of those books where I just went "Gah! How can you possibly end there, after that new and terrible revelation?" It was one of those times when someone makes a decision, with no possible way to reverse it, then reveals it was a completely and utterly WRONG decision! I suspected it all along, but then to have her do it anyway? Gah!

However, does that mean there's a new book coming in which the decision is somehow rectified?

Also, there was a second part to the ending that was perfect and amazing! One character finally got her true love, and fulfilled her destiny! Now, I don't believe in destiny, but I still loved that half of the ending!

I hope I didn't give away too much of the ending! I loved the book, and I don't think any of you should not read it just because of that one part that frustrated me.

Anyway, you can find it here!

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