Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tales of Goldstone Wood

The Tales of Goldstone Wood series by Anne Elisabeth Stengl is another one of my favorites.

The first book, Heartless, is about Princess Una who has just come of age and is anxiously awaiting suitors. Her first suitor, Prince Aethelbald of Farthestshore, is not what she expected at all. He's not exactly handsome, daring, charming, or any of the other things you would expect a prince to be. And don't even mention his name! Other suitors quickly come, and these meet her expectations. But each betray her in the end. Finally the Prince of Farthestshore's enemy, the Dragon, comes to claim Una. She quickly falls into his evil clutches. And yet life is miserable!
Aethelbald, however, does not give up so easily. He searches for his long lost love, even follows her across the continent! All because of his all-encompassing love.
I love these books, because each one shows Christ's love for us so perfectly, even when we are detestable and horrid. I cannot give Anne Elisabeth enough praise for her beautiful allegories!
Besides that, each tale is told with adventure, romance (sometimes thwarted), and humor. Anne Elisabeth mixes fairytales and Bible stories together in a perfect and unique way, and humor is entwined throughout. Each novel is told in a serious and often intense manner, yet somehow manages humor.

Things you should know: There is violence, magic, fantasy creatures, and travel between worlds. The only swearing is with made-up words, such as "Dragon's teeth" and "Iubdan's beard".

Overall, the books have a sort of magical, fairytale feel, which includes traveling from one world to the next, and enchanted princes and princesses.

I highly recommend these books!

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