Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dragons in our Midst Series

From the time I was about 10 years old, the Dragons in our Midst Series by Bryan Davis has been my favorite series. So I must begin with these amazing books.
In the days of King Arthur, dragon slayers abounded. However, not all the dragons were as evil as the slayers claimed. Merlin prayed to God over 12 good dragons, and God changed them into humans, to hide until the slayers died. But the slayers found out about the transformation and continued to hunt down those dragons-turned-humans. Centuries passed, and only a few dragons were left alive.
The story picks up in modern times with Billy and Bonnie, two half-human, half-dragon teens who battle the slayers, rescue prisoners, travel to different dimensions, and save the world from evil villains.
My review:
I love Bonnie's faith in God. Even when her mother died, her father "kidnapped" her, she was locked in prisons, and so much more, Bonnie still had faith in God and trusted Him to help her through those hard times. Through her example, Billy believed in Christ as his Savior.
I also love all the adventure in the books! Sword fighting, plane crashes, assassins, kidnappings, deaths, resurrections, and so much more! All kinds of transformations take place between dragons and humans, and both heroes and villains travel between dimensions. The series ends with an epic battle between the good--dragons and humans--and the forces of evil--slayers, sorceresses, and demons.
I definitely recommend these books!
Violence: There are many battles between good and evil. At one point, Billy kills someone from behind, a cowards way; but he regrets it and never does it again. Many of the battles they have are with demon creatures, not humans, at least in the last few books. As for descriptions of the battles and wounds, there is a little gore, but it is not extreme. Descriptions of anything in the books are few and only cover the absolute essentials.
Sex: There is no teen dating, much less kissing or sex, even though a prophecy seems to say that Billy and Bonnie are to marry eventually. The only kissing is between married couples, mainly the teens' parents. However, one scene involves a villain speaking lustful words to her demon husband, suggesting future sex, and in another scene, Billy is tempted with sex, but doesn't give in.
Language: I do not recall any language in the series. However, it has been a few years since I read them.
Spiritual: The heroes believe in God and grow in Him throughout the books. They journey to other dimensions where they are tested in their faith and grow because of it. Many of the characters die and are resurrected, even multiple times. The sword Excalibur that Billy uses has magical properties that God endowed it with, and prophecies are an everyday occurrence. There are also demons, a sorceress, and other creatures that the main characters fight against. On several occasions, there is spirit possession.
I would recommend this book to middle school and older teens, but because of some of the serious issues in the books. But the books are still amazing!

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