Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Cover Reveal: Ships, Secrets, and Survivors by Sarah Rodecker and Helena George

Today, I have yet another cover reveal for you all. I hope you're excited to see the shiny new book cover! Today's book is a seafaring adventure called Ships, Secrets, and Survivors by Sarah Rodecker and Helena George, and it will be released on August 25. And so, without further ado, let me present the book, the authors, the preorder goodies, the giveaway, and the cover!

About the Book

An assassin trainee fleeing his profession.

A princess risking her reputation.

A talking ship with a mad captain.

Ravin should be dead. No one forsakes the assassin profession and lives. Attempting to evade
capture and certain death, Ravin hides on a ship as part of the crew. Then his name is
announced on Selection Day for the annual Scaera Dumeda, despite him never taking the entry
test, declaring to the entire world—and the assassins hunting him for revenge—that he is alive.

Princess Adima Radi Kashinda dreams of more than someday ruling Antovan. She desires to
make a true difference for her people. When her name is called on Selection Day, she throws
away her title, despite the uncertain future ahead. This may be the opportunity she hoped for.

When some of the other selectees are murdered, Ravin and Adi are among the suspects. With
the help of Ravin’s captain and crew, they sail away to hunt down the killer and clear their
names. Can they catch the murderer when he always seems to be at least one step ahead?

Coming August 25, 2020

Preorder on Amazon (ebook): link available soon!

About the Authors

Sarah Rodecker and Helena George have done countless crazy things together since they first
met in 2005. One such thing was write Ships, Secrets, and Survivors on a dare. It went so well,
they decided to expand it into a series and publish it together.

Pre-order Goodies

In case the soon-to-be-revealed cover and the description snag you into thinking, "I must have this book ASAP," you will be happy to discover that there are benefits to pre-ordering the book. In order to receive the goodies in the following photos, all you have to do is submit a copy of your receipt, your mailing address, and your goodie preferences to the form on this page: https://linktr.ee/thepiratehunterchronicles


And now ... The cover!

Isn't it intriguing? I'm a sucker for a good cover, and this is one of them. And adventures on the high seas are usually a lot of fun. And if you're wondering, in spite of the pirates, it should be a relatively clean read. I hope you enjoy it!

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