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Book Tour: If Not For A Bee

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If Not for a Bee


If Not for a Bee
10/11: Launch
(Seasons of Alaska #3)
by Carol Ross
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 206 Pages
October 1st 2015 by Harlequin Heartwarming

You can't always play it safe

With four sons dependent on her, Janie Everett needs to keep her life uncomplicated. Now famous scientist Aidan Hollings is disrupting her orderly world, starting with the rescue of a...bumblebee.

Aidan is only passing through her Alaska wilderness town, and wasn't planning to bond with her two older boys. Or become so attracted to the widowed journalist. His globe-trotting days may be be over if he's able to show Janie that they can share the adventure of a lifetime--together.

Also in the Series

Mountains Apart
(Seasons of Alaska #1)
A Case for Forgiveness
(Seasons of Alaska #2)

About the Author

Carol Ross lives with her husband and one loveable miscreant of a dachshund in a small town in Washington close to both the ocean and the mountains. She adores the Pacific Northwest because it provides her with endless opportunities for the activities she loves—hiking, running, skiing, and spending time outdoors. Although she enjoys reading in many genres, she writes what she loves the most—romance, especially light-hearted stories about the fun, flirty, and often-tumultuous path toward a happily ever after. For a complete list of her books, social media links, giveaways, and other fun stuff stop by and visit her new website: carolrossauthor.com.

Guest Post: By Carol Ross

Ten Books that Hooked Me by the First Page and Never (Ever) Let Go

I’ve heard time again over the years that in order to be an effective writer you must also be a reader. I always thought, well, good at least I’ve got part of it down. Now that I am an author, I truly see the importance. And, like most authors I know, I never seem to have enough time to read. So I make time—I ruthlessly carve out time. I will sacrifice sleep, outings with friends, housework (is that a sacrifice?) meals (okay, maybe not meals). But you get my meaning. I love to read. And I love to talk about books.

I also think that you can learn a lot about a person from what they read. When I started compiling this list I agonized over what to include. I mean, I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of books in my life. How can I choose ten favorites? Then I realized that it didn’t mean that others weren’t my favorites. (I still feel compelled to apologize to those others right now for not including them.) Here, I’ve tried to include a variety of books that have made an impact on me for different reasons or that perhaps say something about me as a person.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte - This is the book that started it all for me. My love of romance was born the day I borrowed this book from my best friend’s mom. I was eleven. I devoured this treasure, this heart-wrenching story of true, pure love and loss and love again... I went on to borrow the book about five more times until finally she gifted it to me. It’s an old copy that belonged to her mother. To this day, it’s one of my most cherished possessions. (Thank you, Janice.)

Here’s a snapshot of the actual book that started it all for me.
(Complete with first-page crumple.)

The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough - Oh. My... I think about this book and my eyes glaze over. In my mind, this book sets the standard for passion. Father de Bricassart is so…so… Wait, what? Where am I? You get it if you’ve read it. And do not crush my soul by telling me Drogheda is not a real place. I will visit there someday…

I love this pretty new 30th anniversary addition cover.

The Montgomery Annuals by Jude Deveraux (Highland Velvet, Velvet Angel, The Velvet Promise, Velvet Song) - My best friend and I read these books in high school and have always referred to them as the Velvet series. These four books sprouted my secret dream of writing romance novels. I’ve read each of these books numerous times. Highland Velvet is my favorite in the series, but each one is perfect.

The Scarlet Pimpernel, by Baroness Emma Orczy - This masterpiece of adventure and intrigue and romance showed me that a book could truly have it all. Percy Blakeney is a model for me of the perfect hero - brave, strong, self-sacrificing in the most dramatic of ways, yet capable of love at the same time. Just thinking about that scene in the garden where he kisses the steps and the hand railing where Marguerite has touched it..? Okay, this one is going back on my TBR pile.

The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas - At the risk of revealing something a little unsettling about myself, I love revenge stories. There’s nothing more satisfying than karma or payback or whatever you want to call it coming back around. In my humble opinion, this is also one of the best books ever written. Someday I’m going to write a revenge-plot romance.

If I was trapped on a deserted island and could only have one book…

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling - I know, I know, this one is probably on everyone’s list. But I love how it makes me feel like a kid again when I read it. As grown-ups, it’s not always easy to capture that sentiment. I open a Harry Potter book and it all comes rushing back. I love that.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey - I don’t generally read books that break my heart. I subscribe to the Susan Elizabeth Phillips school of thought, “life is too short to read depressing books.” But once in a while I’ll pick one up knowing full well what I’m getting myself into. The tears roll while I try to remember that it’s important to subject myself to these emotions once in a while. After all, the characters I write need to suffer a bit, too, before they get their HEAs. I will admit it’s difficult for me to do. Of all the heartbreakers I’ve read, this one is the most beautiful, poignant, distressing, uplifting and just all around…heartbreakiest of them all.

The Prey series by John Sandford - I have to mention these books because John Sandford is my favorite contemporary author. He’s a genius with plot. He nails description masterfully using just a few skillful words. He never fails to leave me wanting more. There are now twenty-some Prey books. I’ve read them all, usually the week they are released. These mysteries all feature a detective named Lucas Davenport. He’s brilliant, ruthless, dogged and sometimes a bit of a rule-breaker when it comes to solving a case. He’s also broody, dark and intense with piercing blue eyes. All of the above combine to make this hero very hot, as well.

Pennyroyal Green series by Julie Anne Long - Even though I don’t write historical romance, they are one of my favorite things to read. I stumbled on Ms. Long’s first book, The Runaway Duke, in 2005 while scrolling around Amazon. Bought it. Read it in one day. (Sleep is overrated when a can’t-put-down book is involved.) I was immediately hooked on her writing and I’ve been with her ever since. The Runaway Duke is a stand alone, but she’s gone on to write The Pennyroyal Green series. There are nine now, each one as fabulous as the last.  Every time I read one I swear that it’s my favorite. What’s wrong with having nine favorites, I say?

My current “favorite” Pennyroyal Green novel.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson - Again, with the revenge thing. These books are so compelling. I think about Lisbeth Salander and the word “empowerment” runs through my head. This book gives me hope for the abused, overlooked and underprivileged.

I am looking at my list now and thinking that I may have rambled on too much about these books. As I mentioned above, I could talk (write, too, apparently) about books for hours. I’m always looking for new ones to put on my TBR pile. So, please, share your favorites and maybe a bit about why you like it?

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    2. Thank you, Shelly. I highly recommend every single one of them (; Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. Really loved your guest post. Thank you for sharing! Reminded me of some books I want to read but haven't yet.