Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 2015

May brings a lot of things.

It is the beginning of real spring-ish weather, at least the desirable kind with warm weather and sunshine. I adore spring and long for those days often, but they are usually balanced with cloudy, rainy days where I'm from.

May also means the end of the school year. Whether child, college student, teacher, or parent, everyone can appreciate May as the coming of the end of the year, despite the tests and busy preparations for summer.

May marks the beginning of the Moonblood Read-Through I and several Goldstone Wood fans are doing on Goodreads. Their enthusiasm for the series sparked the idea for the read-through. I hope it is becomes something enjoyable that they might like to do again and not turn into a flop. It is my first time with such things and the first day seemed less than perfect to me.

This month, Jaye L. Knight is having her Anniversary Celebration for Resistance. It looks like tons of fun with a Facebook Party, Fan Art and Photo Contests, blog tour, and other fun things throughout the month of May.

Several awesome books are being released this month, including The Collar and the Cavvarach on May 9,  Huntress of Thornbeck Forest on May 12, and Draven's Light on May 24.

And for fun's sake, here is a list of bizarre holidays in May:

May 3: Lumpy Rug Day--Celebrate the joys of non-lumpy rugs by comparing to lumpy ones.
May 6: No Diet Day--Does it need an explanation?
May 8: No Socks Day--I hope it does not cause everyone's feet to stink.
May 9: Lost Sock Memorial Day--A Memorial to all those socks that vanish into thin air.
May 10: Clean Up Your Room Day--Does it mean I don't have to do it any of the other days?
May 11: Eat What You Want Day--In case you haven't accomplished that on May 6.
May 13: Frog Jumping Day--Celebrate by jumping like a frog?
May 15: National Chocolate Chip Day--Isn't every day a day for chocolate chips?
May 16: National Sea Monkey Day--Anyone else have those little critters as a kid?
May 20: Be a Millionaire Day--A day to focus on earning your million.
May 27: Sun Screen Day--I hate the stuff. Why must there be a day for its celebration?

So what do you all have planned this May? What books are you looking forward to? What holidays are you planning to celebrate?

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