Friday, January 16, 2015

Appreciate A Dragon Day

Today, January 16, is Dragon Appreciation Day. The annual event was started in 2004 by Donita K Paul, one of the first authors of Christian fantasy to be published by traditional, Christian publishers. I have been wanting to do something to celebrate it for the past few years, but have sadly forgotten until just after January 16. Today, I have finally remembered and am celebrating by posting a couple of my recent drawing of dragons and sharing some of my favorite Christian dragon books. However, the books I post are not necessarily the first books in the series.

Dragons of the Watch (Book 3 in the Dragons of Chiril Series) is quite possibly my favorite of Donita K Paul's books because the romance is soooo sweet and beautiful. The tiny little dragons are adorable too, don't you think? But keep in mind they are in a city built by giants.
In Moonblood (Book 3 in the Tales of Goldstone Wood Series), the dragons are sadly evil. King Vahe is determined to have is army of dragons, even at the cost of his only daughter's life.
Koren lives in a world in which humans are the slaves of the dragons. Many dragons are cruel taskmasters, but Koren has a power that just might be able to help overthrow their masters. She is a Starlighter (Book 1 of the Dragons of Starlight Series). Note: The cover shown here is not the new and updated version.
 The Dragon in The Book of the King (Book 1 in the Wormling Series) is the archenemy of the King and is bent on destroying all the King's followers, including Owen, a regular teen who finds himself the owner of the only copy of "The Book of the King."
And one more. This one is not Christian, but it's cute and clean and too awesome not to mention.
When Creel's crazy aunt suggests Creel offer herself up to the nearest dragon and hope a knight will come rescue her, Creel has few options but to go along with it. Creel doubts the dragon is even alive since no one has seen him in years. But he appears, alive and well and annoyed at having been bothered by the ridiculous humans. Creel bargains her way out of the situations and ends up with a mysterious pair of Dragon Slippers (Book 1 in the Dragon Slippers Series) part of the dragons hoard.
Have a wonderful Dragon Appreciation Day!

P.S. If you're wondering where I found the information that Donita was one of the first authors of Christian fantasy to be published by traditional Christian publishers, I heard Bryan Davis say that about himself and his first fantasy novel was published the same year as Donita's first.

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