Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 and 2015


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Celebration. I certainly did. I visited with my family and friends for a lovely few weeks. We went shopping, four-wheeling, and sledding and went to a movie night, Christmas program, and many other enjoyable occupations. This, of course, explains why I have not posted on my blog for the past month or so.

2014 was a year of big changes and new experiences for me. I moved across the country and in so doing, began a new chapter in my life. I hope it will continue to be a good one. I also met many amazing new people who I am proud to call my friends and family.

As for reading and writing, I read a total of 83 books in 2014 year and reviewed a few of them. This year, I plan to read 100 books and review a much larger percentage of them. I also came across some reading challenges for 2015. I never knew there were such things, though I probably should have. I joined two of them. One is focused on Series Reading and has an interesting point scale--add points for reading a new-to-you book in a series, for finishing a series, and for buying or borrowing a book in the series, and subtract points for beginning a new series. The second challenge is to read a specific number review books from Netgalley and Eidelweiss. I chose to read 25, or 10 if it becomes too much for me.

I wrote somewhat consistently on this blog for several months, as you know, and fully intend to pick up where I left off last December. I plan to write some blog posts other than book reviews and tours to make it more interesting.

I joined the 100-4-100 Challenge in fall 2014 in order to make myself write more on my work-in-progress but sadly failed to complete it. While I was writing consistently for the challenge, I was excited to see real progress in my book, the dream of publishing actually seemed attainable. Despite failing the challenge, I was inspired to write more often. If there is another 100-4-100 Challenge I intend to join. In 2015, I plan to write more, at least finish my rough draft and start editing it.

So, how about you, dear readers? How were your winter holidays? What memorable things did you do in 2014? What goals do you have for 2015? Did you sign up for any reading challenges? Do you have any ideas of what would make Zerina Blossom more interesting or fun? What would you like to see on this blog this year? Do you have anything to share?

~Emily Anne

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