Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Story Behind the Name

So, perhaps some of you have been wondering why I named my blog Zerina Blossom. After all, what does it have to do with books, the main object of my blog posts? It sounds like a name of a flower, not to mention the background is filled with flowers.

Well, I would like to answer that question. You see, I am writing a book. Aside from the book I am writing, which I will tell you about another day, there are several other story ideas in the back of my mind, set in the same story-world. A main character in one of those stories is Princess Zerina. I love her name, and for some reason, I love it more when combined with the word Blossom--just because it sounds beautiful.

I would tell you a little more about Zerina. First of all, I discovered this website called Doll Divine in which I can create a model of a character complete with facial expression, hair and skin coloring, accessories, and clothing. The photo on the left is one such model, featuring Zerina and her counterpart, Roran.

Zerina is the daughter of a king, obviously. When she was a child, her older brother of four years doted on her and, when she asked, taught her the fencing skills he knew. Their parents hired the best tutors in the land to teach the royal children, and both Zerina and her brother became very good at fencing. When the princess was 13 years old, a war came to their land. Not to be outdone by her older brother, Zerina demanded to go to war with her father and brother. When she was denied, Zerina sneaked into the army anyway. Despite her fine skills, Zerina was not up to the challenge of the battle. Her brother found her in the heat of battle, defended her, and gave his life for her. Her brother was given a hero's burial while Zerina was shamed because of her disobedience and part she played in his death.

This is merely Zerina' backstory. Her real story picks up three years later, with a very determined princess and a country enslaved by the very same enemy as in the war Zerina attempted to fight.


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