Friday, November 22, 2013

Beautiful Clouds!

A couple days ago, I went outside and was just hit with how beautiful the clouds were! I took several pictures of them, but am unable to post them here. Instead, I found some pictures of similar clouds and here they are:
These aren't quite what I saw, but they were beautiful nonetheless and reminded me of ocean waves. So, I wrote a poem about them! It's far from perfect (and definitely free verse), but I hope you will enjoy it!

I look to the sky and see the sea,
Waves undulating through the clouds
Like so many currents flowing through the ocean.
It is a beautiful sight, yet terrible indeed.
It is as though a storm was about to break
Upon the vessels of the heavens,
Those poor ships tossed to and fro
Upon the oceans of the air.
Will their shattered remains soon fall
To the earth on which I stay,
Looking up upon these ships?
Nay! For soon a breeze of miraculous work
Shall cast these storm-clouds aside,
And all shall be safe once again.

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