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Book Tour and Review: "Trix and the Faerie Queen" by Alethea Kontis

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Trix and the Faerie Queen (Books of Arilland Book #6)
Trix and the Faerie Queen
(Books of Arriland #6)
by Alethea Kontis
YA Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 210 Pages
March 28th 2016

Join Trix Woodcutter on an epic new animal-filled adventure!

Fey magic and animal magic: that troublemaking imp Trix Woodcutter has both, if not the ability to use them to their full potential. While traveling with his companion—the golden girl Lizinia—to see the King of Eagles, Trix is sent a vision of the Faerie Queen, who is in desperate need of his help. An evil sorceress has stormed Faerie and trapped all the fey magic under the Hill, leaving the Faerie Queen powerless! Trix’s talent for communicating with animals is desperately needed…but before he braves the wild world of Faerie he must arm himself, with nothing less than the bow and arrows of a god.

With the help of his gilded companion, her ghost-cat godfather, a blind brownie and a sister or two, the Boy Who Talks to Animals must befriend a mischievous leprechaun, best a wolf, and journey into the depths of Faerie to restore order and free the fey magic before the imbalance destroys the world.

Trix and the Faerie Queen is second in The Trix Adventures and sixth in the Books of Arilland.

Fans of the Woodcutter Sisters: Desperate to know what happened to Saturday and Peregrine after they found Trix at the end of HERO? Here’s your chance!

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Alethea Kontis is a princess, author, fairy godmother, and geek. Her bestselling Books of Arilland fairytale series won two Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Awards (Enchanted and Tales of Arilland), and was twice nominated for the Andre Norton Award. Alethea also penned the AlphaOops picture books, The Wonderland Alphabet, Diary of a Mad Scientist Garden Gnome, Beauty & Dynamite, The Dark-Hunter Companion (w/Sherrilyn Kenyon), and a myriad of poems, essays, and short stories. Princess Alethea lives and writes on the Space Coast of Florida with her teddy bear, Charlie. You can find her on her YouTube channel, all the social media, and at www.aletheakontis.com.


Just as Trix and Lizinia have set out on their journey to find Trix’s father, the King of the Eagles, Trix receives a vision from the Faerie Queen begging him to come to her aid. The dragon that his sister Saturday awoke in Hero is causing chaos and his Aunt Sorrow has bound the fey magic for her evil purposes. Trix, the Boy Who Talks to Animals, must now speak for the animals and free the magic before the world is destroyed.

Trix and the Faerie Queen, by Alethea Kontis, is just as awesome as the previous book, Trixter. I love these two of all the Books of Arriland most of all because they are so full of light and laughter, as opposed to the creepy dark magic in a few of the others. I also love how all the books tie together so perfectly. Several of them overlap in time, but the stories work together so seamlessly, each having its own plot but working towards a common goal, with characters jumping between books.

I absolutely adore Trix and his adventures! His mischievousness and cheeky personality made him one of my all-time favorite fictional characters. And Lizinia is wonderful as well! She is so sweet and pure that she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside, all covered in gold. Trix’s sisters, Trebald, the Leprechaun, and the various other characters added color and life to the plot.

Another thing I liked about this book is the presence of Trix’s sisters. Having read the other books in the story-world, I fell in love with the Woodcutter family. So I was happy to see some of his sister’s show up in this book. In addition to just plain being fun to read, the relationship between him and his family was neat to see. Even when the girls were not there, Trix still thought about them and missed them. It was a reminder of how wonderful families can be, adding a pleasant touch of hominess.

Trix and the Faerie Queen was fantastic! I cannot wait to read the next installment of the series and recommend it to readers who enjoy YA, fairytales, and fantasy.

I received a free book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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