Welcome to Zerina Blossom's Books.  As you can tell from the title, this blog is all about books - book tours, book reviews, author interviews, and more.  I love to support authors because I love reading and I know that what they do is difficult and time-consuming.

The title comes from an imaginary character of mine -  the sword-wielding, Princess Zerina.  When I named her, I thought I was ingenious in inventing the name, but I have since found that I was not the first one to use it as Zerina/Serina seems to be everywhere!  Nevertheless, I adore the name and hope you appreciate it as well.

In addition to information about books, there will be reader interviews, journals from fairy tale characters, information about holidays, both unfamiliar and familiar, and, hopefully, many other interesting things!

In this blog, I attempt to make sure that all the books I feature are relatively clean, or in the very least, comment about what is not clean in the reviews I write.  However, I do not read all the books featured and am sometimes unaware of inappropriate and "unclean" portions of various books.  If the cleanness of books is important to you, be aware.

As for myself, I am Emily Kopf (not Zerina Blossom).  I am a twenty-something year old college student studying English Literature and Christian Studies.  I am a born again Christian and take my faith seriously, which you will see in my posts to some extent.  I hope to be an editor and/or work for a publisher after I graduate college, and I do a little bit of fiction writing on the side that I hope to publish in the distant future.  In the mean time, I am blogging, reviewing, and working at an internship for a very small publisher.

And now for the fun stuff!  First of all, I should have been born a princess in a faraway land, but alas, I am not.  Instead, I am a Whovian, a Goldstone Wood Imp, an Anthrozil, and one of Nadine's Ninjas!  If you did not understand those references, I will clarify: I love the TV show Doctor Who and the book series' Tales of Goldstone Wood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, Dragons in our Midst Series (and the rest) by Bryan Davis, and the Out of Time Series by Nadine Brandes as well as many, many other favorites. In other words, I love speculative fiction and historical romance, especially those written from a Christian perspective.

Also, I grew up in small-town, Northern Idaho, and so love the great outdoors.  I enjoy traveling, and have visited about 20 of the 50 states as well as Canada, Great Britain, and Kenya.  I love singing and acting.  I love creating things - friendship bracelets, cross stitching, scrap-booking, beading, and sewing, for example - and I switch between them all the time.  And finally, I love children and giving them the gospel, and so have worked in VBS's, Summer Camps, and Sunday Schools.

Now you know all about me.  What about you?  What are your interests?


  1. Emily,

    I can't find anything on your blog about submitting books for review, so I'll try using this route. My first YA Christian fantasy novel is The Summoned King, available on Amazon. If you commit to an honest review, I'll gladly provide a free review copy of the Kindle edition. A link to the book's Amazon page is below.

    Dave Neuendorf


    1. Dave,

      I have been planning to put something up about review copies, but I haven't gotten to it yet. The summoned King looks interesting. Send me an email at zerina147(at)gmail(dot)com.