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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Return of the Continuums


Return of the Continuums (The Continuum Trilogy #2)
Publisher: Turner Publishing
Release Date: November 1st 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction


Reaching the surface was just the beginning.

As Myra and her friends set out to find the First Continuum, they must navigate a hostile landscape and even more hostile inhabitants of other continuums with their own ideas about the future of human race. In the pulse-quickening sequel to "The 13th Continuum," the young heroes must make an unlikely ally if they are to survive long enough to reach their destination and learn the secret behind humanity's destruction and the hope for its survival.

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About the Author

Jennifer Brody’s debut novel The 13th Continuum sold to Turner Publishing in a 3-book deal and is being packaged into a feature film. The book is the first in a trilogy and will come out in Spring 2016. She is a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. She lives and writes in LA.

After studying film and graduating from Harvard University, she began her career in feature film development. Highlights include working for Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes and New Line Cinema, most notably on The Lord of the Rings films and The Golden Compass. In 2008, she produced the feature film Make It Happen for The Weinstein Company. Her recipes and articles have appeared in xoJane, Fox News, Parade Magazine, Whole Life Times, and Meatless Monday, and many other publications.

She is an alumni of the Sirenland Writers Conference, where she studied with Meg Wolitzer, and the Tin House Summer Writers Workshop, where she studied with Victor LaValle. She recently completed a 3-week residency at The Lemon Tree House and has been accepted for a residency in Spring 2016 at the Helen R. Whiteley Center, run by the University of Washington.

She founded and runs BookPod, a social media platform for authors with 400 members. She’s also a mentor for the Young Storytellers Foundation. In Spring 2015, her mentee’s script was picked out of over 900 scripts for the Glee Big Show, where it was performed by the cast of the hit Fox TV show, and in Fall of 2015, her mentee’s script was chosen for the Biggest Show, where it was performed by Jack Black and Leslie Mann.

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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hobbies, pets, fun facts? Tea or coffee?

My dog is named Commander Ryker after Star Trek TNG. He’s a cute, super fluffy mini-Goldendoodle with only one eye like Mike Wazoski from Monsters, Inc. I’m a huge tea drinker, especially green tea, but I’ve recently taken up drinking coffee again to power through my book revisions. I love taking him for hikes and writing (obliviously) and traveling. I was born in St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands, but grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I love going home to my roots, but I also adore my adopted city of LA. Before I was writer, I worked in Hollywood on many films, including The Lord of the Rings.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

I actually loved writing almost all of Return of the Continuums! The prologues, which always flashback to the time Before Doom and feature Professor Divinus, are always really fun. I also loved continuing to follow Aero and Myra’s journeys on the Surface and tracking their home colonies underwater (The Thirteenth Continuum) and outer space (The Second Continuum), but also introducing readers to more Continuums. That’s the fun of writing multiple POVs!

Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or is it purely all imagination?

I originally had the idea for the book series during the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, so that’s a real event. Speculative fiction is also fun to write because I’m always trying to imagine our future and base it on a projection of our current world. Myra and Aero also have a long distance relationship. I had one with my husband during college, since he went to the University of Michigan and I went to Harvard University, so I suppose that leaked into my book.

What inspired you to write this book?

As I mentioned, I came up with the idea during the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. As I was watching the TV news coverage of the sludge slowly spreading over the top of the ocean and suffocating birds and fish, I wondered what would happen if we couldn’t live on the surface of the Earth anymore. Then on a hike with my dog, I had another epiphany—the colonies wouldn’t only be underwater, but also underground and in outer space because we wouldn’t know which environment was best for long-term human survival. I also decided that professors from my alma mater Harvard University would be in charge of this Continuum Project.

Once I cracked the “big idea” (as we call it in Hollywood speak), I realized that I could only tell this story by using multiple points-of-view (sort of like Game of Thrones). The story kept growing and getting bigger in my mind with more Continuums (the term for the colonies) and characters, making it clear that it needed to be told over the course of three books. One of the reasons I’m most proud of my trilogy is because each book really opens the world and advances the story. They’re so rad! I can’t wait for The United Continuums (Book 3) to hit the stores in July 2017.

Is there a particular author or book that influenced you in any way either as a child or an adult?

As a kid, I was a voracious reader. I loved Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter Mars novels and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings books. When I got older, I fell in love with Stephen King and Anne Rice and devoured all of their books and short stories, then when I first started writing, Neil Gaiman, Suzanne Collins, and of course J.K. Rowling were enormous influences. I also adore Clive Barker’s books and stories. I love any book with a big imagination and world, something that transports you to another realm. I strive to write books that give readers that same experience that I love so much.

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Read, read, read! I always suggest writing in genres and categories that you love to read. Always have good sentences in your ears. Once you start writing, make sure to workshop your work and have lots of readers to give you constructive feedback. I know other writers and we exchange our work. If you can, go to writing conferences and join online writing groups. I run a big authors group called BookPod and we’re always accepting new members. I started it to help other authors and support them on this crazy adventure called writing and publishing.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans or readers?

Get ready for The United Continuums—coming July 11, 2017! The conclusion to my trilogy is epic in scope. You won’t be disappointed. Also, thanks so much for reading and supporting my books. It was my dream to become an author and you’re the reason it came true.


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