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Blog Tour, Interview, Giveaway: "Sacrifice"


Sacrifice (Serpentine #2)
by Cindy Pon


Sacrifice, the sequel to Serpentine, plunges Skybright into the terrifying underworld where demons are bred and whisks her up to the magnificent Mountain of Heavenly Peace where the gods dwell.

Stone is stripped of his immortal status and told to close hell's breach, which mysteriously remains open, threatening mortals.

Zhen Ni, Skybright's former mistress and friend, has been wed to the strange and brutish Master Bei, and finds herself trapped in an opulent but empty manor. When she discovers half-eaten corpses beneath the estate, she realizes that Master Bei is not all that he seems.

As Skybright works to free Zhen Ni with the aid of Kai Sen and Stone, they begin to understand that what is at risk is more far-reaching then they could ever have fathomed.

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About the Author

Cindy Pon is the author of Silver Phoenix (Greenwillow, 2009), which was named one of the Top Ten Fantasy and Science Fiction Books for Youth by the American Library Association’s Booklist, and one of 2009′s best Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror by VOYA. Her most recent novel, Serpentine (Month9Books, 2015), is a Junior Library Guild Selection and received starred reviews from School Library Journal and VOYA. The sequel, Sacrifice, releases this September. WANT, a near-future thriller set in Taipei, will be published by Simon Pulse in summer 2017. She is the co-founder of Diversity in YA with Malinda Lo and on the advisory board of We Need Diverse Books. Cindy is also a Chinese brush painting student of over a decade. Learn more about her books and art at http://cindypon.com.

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Author Interview

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hobbies, pets, fun facts? Tea or coffee?

I keep an 8g saltwater tank! It is a lot of work, but this means I can have the wonderful biodiversity that you see in marine life. I have two shrimps and a beautiful purple fire fish as well as many corals. Some of them glow beautifully at dusk in neon colors! Corals are actually animals, so they are fantastic "pets" to keep!

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

Gosh, too hard to say, as I love this novel so much. Probably the denouement, which takes place after the books climax. There was a lot of things I had to wrap up, and they were emotional and pivot points for my heroine. I love writing denouement and endings!

Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or is it purely all imagination?

Hmm. Definitely all imagination!

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

I would say to treat your writing seriously. Work on it. Always challenge yourself and look for ways to improve as a writer. Read widely, in genres that you don't write in, that might not be of your "interest". There is no writing that is a "failure" because each piece is part of your journey to learning and becoming a better writer!

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans or readers?

I am the co-founder of Diversity in YA with Malinda Lo. We have been doing this since 2011. I would ask your readers to look at their bookshelves and think about what they have read in the past six months, and how many of those books feature a marginalized character as the main protagonist (a character who is a person of color and/or LGBTQ and/or with disability) and how many of the authors they have read is from a marginalized background? I think that an array of narratives and voices is so important in books, and although we are making strides, the majority of lead titles and books we see are still very straight and white.


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