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Blog Tour: The Protector Project


The Protector Project
Release Date: 6/15/15
Boroughs Publishing Group

Summary from Goodreads:

Teen soldier Mara de la Luz is about to find out what makes her so special that some would kidnap and kill her—and others, willingly die for her. 


Mara is a 16-year-old soldier who’s spent years fighting a war that’s lasted generations. Wide-eyed children, some just turned thirteen, rarely survive their first fights despite her best efforts to train and lead them. What she thinks she wants is to uncover the root causes of the war between the Protectors and the masked Gaishan, maybe find a way to end it. But what she really wants is a future—for herself and the others—beyond the battlefield. 

Then she’s injured in combat, and when an enemy fighter not only heals her wounds but reveals his face, she sees the promise of all she desires. This cunning teen Gaishan has answers to her questions, but first she must commit treason and travel beyond the boundaries of her world. She must brave a place where everything rests on the point of a blade: her loyalties, her friends, her heart.

About the Author

Jenna Lincoln loves to read, write, and talk about reading and writing. She spent many happy years as a language arts teacher doing just those things. After dabbling in Firefly and Supernatural fan fiction,
Jenna got serious about building her own imaginary world, big enough to get lost in for a long, long time.

When she comes back to reality, Jenna enjoys her home in beautiful Colorado with her husband and two daughters.

Less pain, full belly, clean hair and skin—altogether the best shape Mara had been in for some time. Another sleeping room was open, lights glowing from within. Dalin had dumped out several bags worth of gear and appeared to be folding and repacking. “Washroom is all yours,” Mara called. 

Her host picked up her uniform jacket and took two steps to the doorway. After handing it over, he leaned one shoulder into the frame and stuck the other hand in the front pocket of his pants. “Good shower?” She nodded happily. He bent forward and sniffed. “You smell nice.” 

“It’s an improvement,” Mara agreed. “You must have females come through here sometimes to keep flower-scented body cream in the cabinet.” 

“The women in my family have all been here at one time or another,” Dalin said. “My mother insists we stock some nice things for guests.”

“Is your mother also a soldier?” 

He laughed. “My mother? No. She comes out here to keep my father company while he hunts. She has good woodcraft skills, but has never used a weapon as far as I know. Soon you can ask her yourself.”

Nerves tightened in Mara’s chest, the glow and well-being she felt from the shower giving way to unease. 

“Don’t worry about meeting anyone right now. Sorry I mentioned it.” He reached forward as though to touch her cheek and patted her shoulder instead. “Before you sleep, tell me how’s the leg? You haven’t been limping.” 

“The new repairs on the inside of the muscle,” she smoothed a hand over the scar, “are just fine. It’s still sore, but nowhere near as bad. I think the healers did something to accelerate the process.” 

“This injury happened while I was supposed to be watching over you. It bothers me—” Dalin began.

“Injury is a natural consequence of battle.” Mara’s lips quirked. She sounded like a Senior Protector.

“Right,” he conceded. “Sleep well, Protector.”

“And you,” Gaishan, she added. 


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