Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review: Restless Hearts

Hello! Another book review for you. This one is of Restless Hearts, book one in the Gold Rush Romances Series by Mona Ingram.


Restless Hearts
Mona Ingram

Boston, 1849. Denied her dream of attending medical school, Sarah Howard is desperate to leave Boston far behind. Determined to prove that she can make it on her own, she poses as a married woman and boards a schooner bound for San Francisco.

Stuck working in his family’s merchant bank, Jamie Thompson eagerly accepts the challenge of setting up a branch in San Francisco. He’s been restless for some time now, and barely escaped the clutches of the woman determined to marry him.

The attraction between Sarah and Jamie is instant and powerful, yet each has something to prove, if only to themselves. Will their single-minded determination derail a blossoming romance?

By the way, I discovered that Restless Hearts is free on Barnes and Noble. Or you can buy it for $3.99 on Amazon. It can also be found on Goodreads.


Denied her dream of becoming a doctor, Sarah travels to San Francisco to make a life for herself. She may not be able to accomplish her dream, but Sarah would be out from under her father’s roof and able to make her own decisions. For safety reasons, Sarah poses as a married woman planning to meet her husband in California. But when she meets handsome Jamie Thompson on the ship to San Francisco, Sarah begins to regret her decision to lie about her matrimonial state.

Restless Hearts by Mona Ingram was not what I was expecting. Perhaps that is because I was expecting a sweet, Christian romance. I soon discovered that while Restless Hearts is not Christian, it is still sweet. Because I am a Christian, I cannot condone some of the decisions Sarah made during the trip, such as lying or sleeping with a man she is not married to. Neither can I fully comprehend that the characters found fulfillment outside of God. However, I still thought the book was a good story and a worthwhile read.

Sarah was a sweet and determined young woman; she will accomplish her goals no matter what! I enjoyed watching her discover herself and find the love that conquered her restless heart. Sarah’s compassion and love for other people was beautiful to see. Sarah gave and treated everyone kindly, regardless of the way they treated her and without judgment.

The setting of Restless Hearts traveled from the ship to the city to the country and encompassed a variety of people groups and societies. It was intriguing to learn about them. I applaud Mona Ingram for the incredible amount of research that must have taken.

There were also characters you liked and those you did not and those you felt like crying for when tragedy struck, each personable and unique. There were many strong women in the story, some of which became that way because of the circumstances they had been forced into. The men were not all passive either but stood up for themselves and did what they thought was best.

Restless Hearts reminded me that I should not be judgmental. Several of the characters did things that were not correct in my mind, but, just like compassionate people in the real world, Sarah and many of the other major characters did not judge these people for those often detested actions. Instead, they were accepted and treated no differently than anyone else.

Restless Hearts was a lovely romance and a worthwhile read.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.